For those that know us well, you’ll be familiar with the Duncan Murray Wines tasting events that are held at our hotel. Wines, Sherries, gins and whiskies have all made their way through our doors (the bottles leave a little emptier on the way out).

As we begin 2018, we have some new upcoming tasting events to let you all know about. Don’t worry if you’re doing Dry January, all three events come after the month so you’ll be free to explore the wonderful tastes once more!

Tasting events in Market Harborough

First up, we have a gin masterclass on Thursday 22nd February which is bound to be a popular event. This is a chance for you to try out classic and creative combinations with gin from local distilleries and from further afar. Tickets for the gin masterclass are £35 for one and £55 a pair.

A month later, on Thursday 22nd March, you can delve into Belgium’s renowned brewing culture and sample a range of specialty world-class Belgian beers. A must-attend for beer lovers!

On April 12th, the experts will take your taste buds on a trip to Portugal with a tasting event that focuses on the wines and ports from the country. Tickets for the beer and Portuguese masterclass are £25 for one and £45 a pair. All masterclass events start at 7:30pm and finish at around 10pm.

We encourage those interested to book tickets as early as possible to avoid any disappointment- these tasting events are always popular. Tickets for each of the events can be purchased directly from the Duncan Murray Wines store on Adam and Eve Street.

Make a night of it

Each of the tasting events is on a Thursday night, so you could turn the evening into a long weekend and use it as a chance to have a break and explore the historic town of Market Harborough. To check our hotel’s availability, click here.